WW II War Letters

Alton "Oz" Grobbel, Private, US Army

V-Mail letter written on 26 July 1945 from Luzon, Philippine Islands.

Since his previous letter, Alton's 282nd Replacement Company had been shrinking in size daily, as each morning many soldier's names would be called out and they would board trucks that would take them to their new infantry units at the front lines. Each day, Alton and his best buddy would return to their tent after watching more of their Company head out for battle, but eventually one morning their two names were the only ones called. They tossed their gear in the jeep and went with the driver, who took them to their new outfit, the 207th Military Police Company.

Mr. Clement Grobbel
8166 Dale Avenue
Center Line, Michigan

Pvt. A. Grobbel 36487856
207th MP Co. A.P.O. #442
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Luzon, Philippine Isles
July 26, 1945, Thurs.

Hi Dad,

How's everything with you? I've been sort of busy moving around the last couple of months. Maybe you've already heard of my good luck in being transferred to the 207th M.P. Co. It's really one swell break and I'm one lucky fellow. We're quartered in a old building in one of the small towns on the Island. It's really a good deal and I can't figure out [how] I was lucky enough to manage getting it. I sure landed in one hell of a swell outfit. The guys are really swell to all us new green recruits. Make you feel right at home. Enough about myself. How's Mom and all the kids? I got a letter from Vince just before he was coming home - I bet he really raised hell, eh! Have to be closing. Write soon.

Your Son,

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