WW II War Letters

Alton "Oz" Grobbel, Private, US Army

Letter written on 16 July 1945 from Manila, Philippine Islands

Pvt. A.C. Grobbel 36487856
Co. #282, 17 Bn 1st Platoon
APO #711 c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Calif.

Postmarked July 21, 1945

Manila, P. Isle.
Monday, July 16th

Dear Dad,

Sorry I haven't written sooner, but you know how it is getting organized whenever you move into a new camp. About one more move and we ought to be permanently settled. I suppose you probably heard by now that I'm stationed in Manila. It's pretty nice around but rather shall we say damp. The natives are really friendly and the little kids are cute little devils. They're friendly and always holler to us, "hubba-hubba Joe" or "cigarette Joe?". I think that's all the English they know. At one time I imagine this country was really beautiful but they sure bombed the hell out of the city of Manila. It's typical tropical climate around here so I leave it up to you to figure out what I mean.

Leontine wrote and said that Vince was home. I imagine he had one hell of a good time while home. He probably had quite a few stories to tell. Boy, when we all get home there shall be one hell of a big bull session at all times. The stories ought to be big enough to fill a book, most likely a couple of books.

So Mom got home, I hear. How did she like California? Of what I saw of the state, it's really quite pretty. She probably had a lot of the fruit brought back with her. The oranges are really good, I know that for sure. Remember how we used to swipe Mrs. Hall's cherries? Well, that's how we got the oranges. They always taste better that way, anyhow.

How's the city of Center Line these days? Much building going on around now? I hear Vince Schimmel has been discharged. The lucky stiff.

Have you heard from Bob lately? Every LST we passed I used to look for me but no luck. Remember I told you about meeting up with that fireman from Detroit? He's still here with me. It sure is lonesome around here though. Not too much to do. We sleep in big tents on cots. It's pretty nice, at least a heck of a lot better than we expected. The chow is really good and man, there's plenty of it.

It's getting pretty late Dad, so I'll be signing off for now.

Your son,

PS Say hello to Mom and all the kids for me.

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