WW II War Letters


Fortunately, my father (Vincent) and his two brothers wrote home infrequently enough to insure that my grandfather saved each of their letters. Click on the links below to read their transcribed letters. Transcribing was necessary due to the scrunched handwriting and fading ink, which makes reading and deciphering the original letters somewhat time-consuming.


Vincent Grobbel

Fri 8 June 1945
Mon 9 July 1945

Alton "Oz" Grobbel
Pvt, US Army

Sat 23 June 1945 V-Mail
Mon 16 July 1945
Thur 26 July 1945 V-Mail
Fri 3 Aug 1945
Thur 4 Oct 1945
Fri 6 Sep 1946

Robert Grobbel
Cox, USN

Wed 9 May 1945
Fri 31 August 1945
Fri 21 Sep 1945
Sat 26 Jan 1946
Tue 19 Feb 1946


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