WW II War Letters

Alton "Oz" Grobbel, Private, US Army

Letter written on 03 Aug1945 from somewhere on Luzon, Philippine Islands.

Somewhere on Luzon, Philippine Is.
Friday, August 3, 1945

Hi Dad!

Received your most welcome letter of July 19th just before I left for chow. A good supper and a letter from home really makes a pretty perfect day.

You must really have your hands full gardening and working around the house. It looks like you're going in for chicken raising in a big way. A hundred more. How many does that make so far?? How big are you making that new chicken coop?

Father's Day sure was full of surprises for you, wasn't it? Both Mom and Vince home on the same day. The kids wrote and told me he was home but they didn't mention that he had flown in. Getting pretty high class, ain't he. I sure wish he could have gotten home a couple of weeks earlier so we could have seen one another. Maybe we might be lucky enough to run across one another over here.

By the way, I met a couple of fellows from Center Line yesterday. One of them is Mr. LaFlamme's (the milkman) son, Lucien [ed. - Lucien J. Laflamme, (b. 1922)]. The other lives in that big house on Washington Avenue [ed.- now Potomac Ave.]. You know what house I mean, don't you? Their name is Mazur. Chester Mazur is the kid's name [ed. - Chester W. Mazur, (1924-1981)]. It sure was good to see a couple of buddy's from home way out here. We spent the afternoon batting the breeze about the old home town. They have been overseas almost 3 years so they really bombarded me with questions.

So Mark is working two or three hours on Friday and Saturday in Smitty's restaurant washing dishes, eh! I bet he really struts around now. I imagine he really feels proud of that new suit.

It sure is nice to hear that all the boys are home from the prison camps. I didn't know that Buddy Phaneuf was wounded. How is he? You mentioned that he limped a little - very noticeable. If by chance you get to see him before he leaves say hello for me, will you Dad? You mentioned that Mary Jane's husband was home - but who is Jackie?

Aunt Agnes wrote me and told me about Uncle Leo. It sure was a surprise wasn't it?

What league are you bowling in this year? I haven't heard anything of a lumber strike in Detroit but did hear of the U.S. Rubber Plant strike. It seems that any news of Detroit concerns a strike of one sort or another.

Well Dad, I have to dress for duty now so I must sign off. Say Hello to Mom and all the kids for me.

Your Son,

P.S. Tell Uncle Joe not to work too hard.

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