WW II War Letters

Vincent Grobbel, BM1/c USCG

Letter written on 9 July1945 from aboard the USS Davenport, while in port at Argentia, Newfoundland, just prior to beginning Weather Patrol in the North Atlantic

                            July 9, 1945

Dear Dad,

Well Dad, I bet you was wondering what happened to me. Well I got back to the ship OK and on time. We left South Carolina a few days after I got back. Then we left for St. John's Newfoundland on weather patrol.

I am sending this letter with a fellow that is being transferred to the States so its not going through those damn censors. This way I can give you all the dope.

You know I figured I was going to the Pacific, well by the looks of it, I will be up here in the North Atlantic to the middle of Nov. - that's the latest talk. We are leaving here tomorrow on a 30 day weather patrol (Gee god). Then we'll pull into Reykjavik Iceland for 20 days, then on patrol again then to Bermuda station, then Boston Mass (Thank God). Then, as the talk goes, to the Pacific if things are still going, which I am sure will.

I hope every one is well, I am fine. By the way, the weather ia a bit cool up this way. Boy, if the damn censor knew I was writing this letter, they would burn. I can't understand why they're this censoring our mail, in Germany they don't and the war looks very, very much over up here.

I received a letter from Uncle Leo the other day. You can write and tell him where I am at because I won't be able to tell him.

Well I sign off for now. O yes, I tell you the biggest secret of all - the main reason we are out for 30 days at a stretch is Air and Sea Rescue work. This is the route the planes use from Europe.

Well that is the dope for a couple of months. So long for now. Tell Everyone Hello.

Your son,

Vince's letter of 8 June 1945

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