WW II War Letters

Alton "Oz" Grobbel, S/Sgt, US Army

Letter written on 06 September1946 from Kyoto, Japan.

S/Sgt. A.C. Grobbel 36487856
Headquarters Detachment
800th Military Police Battalion
A.P.O. 713 c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California

Kyoto, Japan,
6 September 1946

Dear Dad,

Received your letter of August 20th yesterday. Sure was glad to hear from you. Mary Ellen wrote and told me how busy you were.

Thanks a lot for mailing me my membership card in the V.F.W. How about Bob, has he joined the organization yet?

Sounds like Center Line is really building up. Where are most of the houses being constructed?

Save me a few of those tomatoes and about a dozen ears of corn as I could sure go for a little bit of that good food about now. We sure aren't getting any chow to speak of lately. Boy, they sure do their damndest to make things rough for a guy.

This demobilization policy is sure screwed up over here. I should have been home last month but here I sit and I'll be lucky to be on my way by the end of this month. I sure hope to be home by the end of October.

What the heck did Vince do with his nylons? I thought he (Vince) was going to school in Chicago? What happened - did he change his mind?

Dad, is there any chance of putting in an application for a new car? I have saved quite a bit of money since I have been overseas and I would like to, if possible, purchase a new car when I get home. Tell Vince to ask Nels Giff about it and if it can be arranged, to submit my name. See what you can find out for me, will you Dad? Please.

How did you make out in that raffle for a new car?

Hope Vince has managed to swing that deal an get his car from Rinke's.

I think I might get home for the bowling season, that is, if there is any chance of getting on a team by the time I get home. I'm a little out of practice now, I imagine it has been a long time since I bowled.

Who is Korky marrying? Seems like everybody is taking a vacation these days.

Glad to hear Tommy Grobbel is nearing completion of his home. I bet it looks sharp.

Boy, that storm must have been a rough one. I always figured the old steeple [ed. - of St. Clement Church in Center Line] would get hit one of these years. Glad to hear though the damage was slight and no fire.

My foot is in good shape now. Remember how I used to always have trouble with my foot, well according to the Doc, I chipped that bone in my foot a long time ago & when I fell, I broke it, but everything is O.K. now.

Tell Vince to have the beer cold around Oct. 9th or 10th I hope. As for sure when I'll arrive home, I really don't know. Sure hope it's soon.

Received another promotion the other day and am now making $135 a month. A copy of my promotion list is enclosed. How does it compare with the old Army system of paper work?

Well Dad, I must be signing off for now. You probably will be able to answer this letter in person, I hope.

Your Son,

P.S. Give Mom and the kids my love
P.P.S. Take it easy and don't work too hard

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